Beautiful hats at the fraction of the cost!

Come to Abigails and you will find a treasure trove of beautiful hats and fascinators that can be hired for a fraction of the retail price. They range in price from £10 to £45. At £45 you will be wearing a designer hat that retails at least from £250 to £300.

All of our hats are elegant and  stylish. Predictably larger brims look good on tall women, wedge crowns suit round faces and long faces look good with down brimmed hats. For that perfect match, be it style or colour, bring your outfit, we have changing rooms in the shop.

All we ask is that you have an open mind, with no pre-concieved ideas and try anything and everything. Hats range in brim size from small to large. Most hat sizes measure 57cm, we can make hats fit smaller heads and if your head is larger don’t give up hope. The new disc shapes fit onto a hairband and some hats are adjustable.

All the hats are steamed clean when returned. Tape is used on the hat band to prevent make up stains. The hats leave the shop in a plastic bag inside a hat box. A deposit is taken when the hat leaves the shop and given back when the hat is returned.

For peace of mind it is a good idea to take the plastic bag with you in case of bad weather. Umbrellas are usually fine, but sometimes at Ascot for instance you can be caught out! Hats are not waterproof.

For more information contact us.